A Croydon fornece equipamentos para restaurantes, bares, hotéis e cozinhas industriais em geral

With more than 4 million products manufactured, Croydon takes part in many others success stories wherever is present.


Manufacture equipment for professional kitchens that are adequate and reliable, that deliver the promised functionality generating profitability for the entire production chain: Factory / Distributor / Final Consumer.


Achieve user satisfaction with our equipment.

- Lead the national market.

- Expansion in the foreign market.


- Functionality / Security / Quality;

- Honesty;

- Commitment;

- Respect.

Croydon's success story began in 1962 in 500m2 warehouse in Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro, producing Juice Dispensers. Gradually we expanded our product line, as well as our phisycal space, and the same time investing in manufaturing technology. Nowadays we are located in a 15.000m2 Industrial Park in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, where our modern plant and administrative offices are located.

Leader on the Brazilian market and well-know and respected worldwide. Croydons' products are superior quality and certified by International Quality Control Laboratories. More than 50% of Croydon's production is exported abroad.

Croydon keeps, above all, as mission an assumed compromise, since the begining, with quality, durability and robustness of the products, using always the best raw materials. It is not rare to see Croydon's Equipments work perfectly, after 30 years in use, in some of our consumers.

With more than 4 million products manufatured, Croydon takes party in many others success stories wherever is present.